Justin Shortlist

DT: Down Trend

UT: Up Trend

SL: Stop Loss

Apex: where 2 trendlines meet and a pass/fail is determine

Bid: Buy price offer

Ask: Sell price offer

Tap: Buy at ask

Slap: sell at bid or market

Level 2: prices not on immediate bid and ask aka market depth

House: brokerage buying/selling

DD- due diligence ( research )

FOMO- fear of missing out (bad)

Momo –momentum

TLAC –Think like a cuck, derogatory they want to steal your money

Cuck- derogatory term manipulator

GLTA- Good luck to all

FWIW- for what it’s worth

BTMFD – buy the mother –f*cking dip – bulls in control

STFR – sell the F*cking rally- bears in control

HOD – High of Day

LOD- low of day

VWAP- volume weighted average price

General List

RSI- relative strength index

Stoch- stochastic

EMA- exponential moving average

SMA- simple moving average

TL – trend line

ER- earnings report

AH- after hours

PM- pre market

IMO- in my opinion

MOC- market on close , a market order that will be executed at or just after closing to buy or sell at the last price dealt in the market at the end of the trading day

ATH- All Time High

ATL- All time low

AF- as f*ck

Trim- shrink holdings size

Powder- available cash

Mso- multi state operator

Print: closing price

PP- private placement

Ut- uptrend


Dcb- deadcat bounce

BBC (derogatory , get F*cked)

ITM- In the money (Stock price is for ( Calls above strike price, puts below strike price)

ATM- At the money, strike at current trading price

OTM- out of the money ( strike price for calls above trading price, for puts, below trading price)

Bag holder- person holding shares at a loss hoping for it to turn around

Base - defined price range

B/D Breakdown

B/O -Break out

Commons- Common stock or shares

Delta- ratio of option price change relative to stock price change

PDT- Pattern Day Trader ( us trading rule)

FA- Fundamental Analysis

TA - Technical Analysis

FOMC- Federal Open Market Comittee

Hedge- Insurance or Protection

HS- Head and Shoulders

IHS- Inverse head and shoulders

C and H Cup and Handle

IV - Implied Volatility

Lotto- high risk high reward trade that is generally stop less (high risk)

Yolo- similar to lotto, money you're fine going to 0 (high risk)

Futs- Futures

FUD- Fear uncertainty doubt

MA- Moving average

BB-Bollinger Bands

MM- Market Maker

OI- Open interest

OPEX- options expiration

PB- Pullback

Pin- The tendency of an underlying security’s market price to close at or very near to the strike price of heavily traded options (in the same security) as the expiration time nears.

PPT- Plunge protection team

PT- Price Target

Quad witch - daily monthly weekly quarterly options expiration

Res- Resistance

Swing- Multi day or week trade

UOA- Unusual Options Activity

WL- Watchlist

Face rip- high momentum move

Squeeze- pressures shorts or longs to cover pushing price in the same direction

FARD- F*cking Hard

Vol- volume

Green- Positive on trade

Red- negative on trade

Low float- low trade-able shares

FYI- For your information

R/R - Risk Reward

E/R- Earnings Report

DD- Due diligence (research)

EOD - End of day

AH- After Hours

ARB- Arbitrage

ATH- All Time Highs

ATM- At The Money

ATR- Average True Range

Bagholder- Person left holding an asset that has lost significant value or become worthless.

Base- A Defined Price Range.

BB- Bollinger Bands

BBG- Bloomberg

BID- The price at which the market will buy the product.

B/D- Breakdown

B/O- Breakout

BOJ - Bank of Japan

Brent- Brent Crude Oil is the global benchmark of crude oil.

BTD- Buy the dip

BTO- Buy to Open

BTC- Buy to Close, or Bitcoin

Buy Stop- A buy stop order instructs a broker to purchase a security when it reaches a pre-specified price.

Cable- Slang term for the exchange rate between the USD and the British pound sterling. USD/GBP

Catalyst- An event or other news that is likely to influence and accelerate a stocks movement.

CC- Conference Call

Commons- Common stock/shares.

C&H- Cup and handle technical pattern

Dark Pool Level- Price level where Dark Pools have been active. Expected line of support/resistance.

DAX- An index of 30 blue chip German companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

DB- Double Bottom

DBD- Drop-Base-Drop.

DBR - Drop-Base-Rally.

Dead Cat- A temporary recovery in price from a prolonged decline that is followed by the continuation of the downtrend.

Delta- The rate of change in the price of an option contract per change in the price of the underlying’s stock price.

Demand Zone - Area where buyers are lined up.

D/G- Downgrade

Dove- Dovish. Doves are members who vote for looser monetary policy. Keeping interest rates low with the aim of boosting economic growth.

DP- Dark Pool

DT- Day Trade, Downtrend, or Double Top.

DTL- Downtrend resistance line

ECB- European Central Bank. The central bank for the European Union.

EOD- End of day

EOW- End of week

EPS- Earnings Per Share

ER- Earnings

ES- E-Mini S&P 500 Futures

EXDIV- A stock that is trading without the value of the next dividend payment.

Exposure- The total amount of possible risk at any given point or the total market value of your open trades.

FA- Fundamental Analysis

FAANG- Large-cap technology leaders. FB, AMZN, AAPL, NFLX, GOOGL

Fat Finger- An order input error whereby an order to buy or sell is placed of far greater size than intended or a data error.

FIB- Fibonacci Extensions/Retracements

FinTwit- Financial Twitter

FOMC- Federal Open Market Committee

FOMO- Fear of Missing Out

FUD- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Futs- Futures

FWIW- For What It’s Worth

Golden- Our coined term for a newly opened aggressive sweep order that now dominates the open interest of a contract.

Hawk- Hawkish. Hawks are members who vote for tighter monetary policy. Meaning higher interest rates with the aim of keeping inflation in check.

Hedge- Insurance/Protection

HFT- High frequency trading

H&S- Head and shoulders technical pattern

HOD- High of Day

IMO- In My Opinion

IHS- Inverse Head and Shoulders technical pattern

IPO- Initial Public Offering

ISO- Intermarket Sweep. Order type that sweeps several different market centres and scoops up as many shares as possible from them all.

ITM- In the money

IV - Implied volatility

Liquidity- The ease with which an asset, or security, can be converted into cash without affecting its market price.

LOD- Low of day

LOTTO- A high risk, high reward trade that is generally stop-less.

LVL- Price Level. May be used in reference to a FlowAlgo Levels price level for an equity.

MA- Moving Average

Margin Call- A demand from a broker for more money to be put into a margin account.

MOC- The Market-on-close Imbalance of cumulative MOC orders, or the Market-on-close Order Type.

Momo- Momentum

MM- Market Maker or Measured Move

NBBO- National Best Bid and Offer

NFP- Non-Farm Payrolls

NHOD- New High of Day

NQ- E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Futures

OI- Open Interest

O/N- Overnight or the Overnight Futures Session

OPEX- Options Expiration

ORB- Opening Range Break

OTM- Out of the Money

PB- Pullback

PDT- Pattern Day Trader

PHOD- Prior High of Day

Pin/Pinning- The tendency of an underlying security’s market price to close at or very near to the strike price of heavily traded options (in the same security) as the expiration time nears.

PM- Pre-market

PPT- Plunge Protection Team

Prints- Dark Pool Prints, Equity Blocks. Large orders of shares.

PT- Price Target

Quad Witch- A date on which stock index futures, stock index options, stock options, and single stock futures expire simultaneously.

RBR- Rally-Base-Rally. The opposite of DBD.

REBAL- Rebalancing

RES- Resistance

Roll- Rolling an option position up in strike, out in expiration, or both.

R/G- Red to Green

R/R- Risk Versus Reward

RS- Relative Strength

Runner- A small portion of a profitable position left to “run” after the majority of profits have been taken on a position.

Run Up- The tendency of a stock to move up in price into an anticipated or known event.

Scalp- A very short term trade generally lasting under an hour.

Signature Print- Late reported dark pool orders most commonly seen on SPY.

SL- Stop Loss

SMA- Simple Moving Average

SPEC- A speculative bet that is often in anticipation of news, rumors, leaks, an acquisition, or an unknown catalyst. The buyer may or may not be “informed”. Generally not a technical driven position.

STC-Sell to Close

STO-Sell to Open


Supply Zone- Area where sellers are lined up.

Sweeper- Aggressive option buyer with urgency behind their manner of entry.

Swing- A Multi-day or Week Trade.

TA- Technical Analysis

Tied- An option order that may be tied to a stock position.

Thin Market- A low number of buyers and sellers.

TGT- Target Price

TOS- Think or Swim, trading platform.

Triple Witch- The simultaneous expiration of stock options, stock index futures and stock index option contracts all occurring on the same day.

Trim & Trail- Scale out and raise(trail) your stop.


Underlying - An underlying security is a stock, index, bond, interest rate, currency, or commodity on which derivative instruments, such as futures, ETFs, and options, are based.

UOA- Unusual Options Activity

U/G- Upgrade

UTL- Uptrend support line

VOL- Volume

VWAP- Volume Weighed Average Price, a technical indicator.

W- W Bottom, double bottom.

WL- Watchlist

WW- Worth Watching

WSJ- Wall Street Journal

WTI- West Texas Intermediaries. This is the benchmark of the crude oil that comes from the United States.

YHOD- Yesterdays High of Day

YLOD- Yesterdays Low of Day

YOLO- You only live once, generally a high risk trade.

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