July 5, 2020:

Welcome, Blaze Capital members!

Thank you for using our Blaze Tips service, a product developed by Blaze Capital. We have been testing this algorithm for the last year and are excited to be rolling this out and offering to our Blaze Capital Members! Additional features will be rolled out as they are ready, including: Time Frames, Lists, Reporting, Email Newsletters, Back Testing, and Sell Signals.

We are thrilled to be launching our first public beta of this platform with our team. Keeping the welcome message brief so you can dive straight in!

  • Only a handful of users so far, so we are still in TEST MODE
  • The tests have gone very well and we're confident in this rollout
  • It won't be perfect but Enjoy, please report bugs!
  • Use at your own risk, do not rely solely on alerts - qualify all your trades
  • 5min Triggers (anything under 1h) should be given less weight as they are short term signals

Onboard Checklist

Please note that access is only available by "Sign in with Slack" at this time and is exclusively available to Blaze Capital members.

All the best,

Team Blaze Tips

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