Where do I ask for help?

One of the greatest benefits to the Blaze Capital membership is access to help from experienced traders during market hours. We encourage you to not be shy as there are no dumb questions. Our typical response time to questions is less than 5 minutes during market hours.

Asking a question : The more info you can give us, the better answer we can give you. Our blanket assumption will always be you want to enter the stock long. So please clarify if you are in, if you want to short , if you're currently short when asking, as well as your current entry price. If you share your reason for entering a trade this also helps us and can allow better feedback for you to improve going forward.

Post a message in the #helpdesk channel and we will answer it ASAP.

Sample good question:

Sample of a bad question:

*note we answer all questions, good or bad. But for us to give the best possible answer please be as detailed as possible and include a chart, we can help you learn!

Using @help If you have a question, be sure to use @help in one of the channel threads or in the #chat channel which pings Matt, Justin, Mason and Jules to ensure your question is not missed. *note please make sure the @help turns yellow or we will not see it.

Some more examples of questions:

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