Blaze Capital is a Stock Market Community. Learn and Trade with The Pros.

My name is Justin, and we started this community with a Simple Mission:

Help You Help Yourself!

We base our trading idea generation by blending Fundamental & Technical analysis. We are self-taught and have learned our lessons the hard way. Alongside our live trading community, we have developed a high-standard algorithm to assist our investors with their trading. Our algorithms run in real-time and alert trading opportunities to you via our web application as well as email and direct message.

Our goal is to help you avoid the common pitfalls to become profitable sooner and have fun while doing it! We have enjoyed success in our personal trading but we are not experts, we have blind spots.

By being in a community, we are able to spot-check each other and conquer the market together. Available only in the Pro membership.

Why is Blaze Capital Better?

  • Free Course Library

  • Free 14-Day Trial

  • 10,000+ Alerts

  • Weekly (Private) Newsletter - Portfolio Updates & Handpicked Ideas

  • (free) 30-minute coaching/mentoring with Justin

  • Regular competitions - generally $1,000 in prize money/contest

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