Notification Walk-through from Justin


  1. At the top right, click your Profile Icon and select preferences

2. Select Desk Top Notifications Enabled

3. Scroll down to when I'm inactive, select email if you would like email notifications set up ( it will send a lot)

4. To select a specific channel, you can right click the channel on the left hand side.

5. A pop up will then appear:

1.Every new message: Will alert for every new message in the channel.

2.Notifications will be sent for your name as well as alert groups you are subscribed to

3.No notifications will be sent

4. You can make edits to mobile if you want different settings when you are away from keyboard.

How to remove notifications:

1. Follow same steps outlined above but select nothing.

2.Scroll down to bottom in preferences and remove which channels you no longer wish to see

Mobile Instructions:

1. Click the channel you want to add a notification and click it again at the top.

2.Click Notifications and set preferences as desired

*note you may have to adjust applications/notification settings on the phone itself if they are not showing up

How to mute a channel :

Click on the channel name at the top , click more and select "mute channel"

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