Blaze Tips is a stock trading algo which provides early reversal signals on the stocks you want to buy. Using this platform, you can apply the Blaze Tips algo to any stock you are wishing to gain a trading advantage on.

The Blaze Tips algorithms run in real-time on any stock of your choosing. Our platform delivers alerts to you in multiple ways: directly on our web application, and immediately to your email address. Additionally, we offer Slack notifications as an option in our subscription services.

By pairing the algo with our individual stock screening and trading style, we are able to gain an unfair advantage in the stock market*.

Don’t miss out on a great trade – give Blaze Tips a try for free today.

This product is perfect for the average retail investor who either works a full-time job or just wants an edge in the market – and is equally beneficial to Day Traders who want shorter-term signals.

Think Less, Earn More

Our Strategy is Simple:

  1. Create - Build a watchlist on Blaze Tips

  2. Wait - When the algo detects a favorable trading condition, it will alert you. Wait for the algo to generate and deliver actionable ideas

  3. Validate - Assess your tip – do you agree with the algo? Validate the idea and prepare

  4. Action - Create an actionable trading plan – know your target and stop-loss

Historical Data

  • Hit Ratio = Trade was profitable after the designated timeframe.

Please note that our historical data is solely for backtesting and illustrative purposes. By testing a variety of holding periods for each style of trade – we can provide a suggested exit time horizon. Our results were as follows:

  • Day Trade = Exit after ~2 hours or EOD, whichever is sooner

  • Swing Trade = Exit after 5 days

  • Investment = Exit after 30 days

These timeframes are meant to provide a general roadmap for an expected holding period. Use your own discretion.

  • * An algo “idea” on its own – does not automatically mean the stock is a buy, do your due diligence and validate every trigger before entering

Investment Alert - SPY

When everyone was unsure about the Global Economy during the 2020 stock market crash. The algo was emotionless, calculated and profitable - timing both relative bottoms. The March low yielding 19% and the June low yielding 7%.

  • In both SPY examples, we took our exit 1 calendar month after the entry

Swing Trade Alert - SPCE

During SPCE's meteoric rise, there was a lot of excitement and euphoria around the stock. Knowing when to enter these momentum names can be difficult. By pairing the algo with our interest in SPCE, we were able to yield a 48% return.

  • In this SPCE example, we exited our position after 5 trading sessions

Swing Trade Alert - TSLA

Tesla is a stock that is difficult to tame and find a favorable entry. Because the stock moves so fast, we want to have an unfair advantage when entering. By pairing our desire to enter TSLA with the Swing Trade alert, we were able to yield 7%.

  • In this TSLA example, we exited our position after 5 trading sessions, but it led a substantial rally higher (which we may have let ride longer)

Day Trade Alert - MSFT

Microsoft is a great blue-chip stock that triggers infrequently, but when it does - I take note. On August 12th, we got an alert right at the open, and the stock immediately rallied - yielding 1.76%.

  • In this MSFT example, we exited our position after 2 hours

Day Trade Alert - SPY

SPY is ultra-liquid and the most significant stock in the US markets. When SPY triggers on any timeframe - we take note. On August 27th, Blaze Tips generated an alert that yielded 0.45%

  • In this SPY example, we exited our position after 2 hour

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