Although the Blaze Tips success rate is above 50 %. We do need to set realistic expectations from the triggers and protect ourselves from the down side by using stop losses. Alerts set on time frames less than 1 hour we can expect returns in the range from 0.5 %- 3% on average. For alerts on the greater than 1 Hour time frames we can look for returns closer to 5-10 % depending on the market conditions and the individual tickers volatility.

Alerts < 1 Hour

Any Alert less than the 1 hour time frame are considered Daytrade or Scalping trade. What that means is we are looking for small % gains and to be in and out usually before the end of the day.

For SPY, 0.5 % is the high end of returns for a 5 minute trigger. You can also see a false positive and 1 move for roughly 0.1 %

For some of the more volatile names such as TSLA we can expect larger moves from the Blaze Tips triggers, but we also have a larger risk to the down side . In the image below we can see returns of roughly 1 %

Alerts > 1 Hour

Alerts on greater than a 1 Hour time frame can be considered more as swing trade alerts. Meaning they can be taken as trades for anywhere from 1 or 2 days to a week or two. *Again stop losses proper risk management should be in place

In the SPY image below we can see 2 separate triggers 1 for 7.13 % gains but also 1 for 4 % loss if stop losses were not in place.

Using another volatile stock such as SHOP We can see returns ranging from 7-13 %.

For the Invest alerts we can look for larger moves of 2 + months as long as the trend remains in tact. Here is an example from SPY. 78 days resulting in returns of 37 %.

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