The Blaze Pin is a simple way of saying "Price Target".

Using our proprietary algorithm, we are predicting the 4pm (daily closing) price for a particular stock.

  • Currently only offered for a "Day Trade Signal" presented in a Heatmap

  • We will be delivering a Swing Trade and Invest "Pin" in 2022

How to use the Blaze Pin?

  • When we deviate too far from the pin (up or down) it just provides a window into whether we are paying a discount or premium to the "Expected Closing Price at 4pm"

1) Pin "Visual Status" - Legend on #2
2) Pin "Legend" - Scale from Strong Sell to Strong Buy

3) Pin "Feed" - Pin Updates throughout the day (up and down)

4) Pin "Line Graph" - Visual of the Blaze Pin over the selected date range

1, 3, 4


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